Jónsi & Alex's Coloring Competition

Update: this competition is now closed. Winners and photo gallery.

Hey kids, it’s time for a fun coloring competition here on jonsiandalex.com. Get out your pencils, crayons and brushes and color in an original drawing from Jónsi & Alex’s Coloring Book. Send us the colored-in picture and Jónsi & Alex will go over them and pick the winning pictures themselves. The winner will receive:

  • ‘Riceboy Sleeps’ Special Edition Box, signed by J&A
  • Jónsi & Alex’s Coloring Book, signed by J&A, with one picture colored in by J&A
  • Jónsi & Alex tote bag and badge (new merchandise)
  • ‘Riceboy Sleeps’ poster, signed by J&A
  • ‘Rain Down My Favorite Songs’ mix cd by Jónsi & Alex, signed by J&A

Five runner-ups will receive a signed copy of the mix cd ‘Rain Down My Favorite Songs’.

Jónsi & Alex Coloring Competition - Prizes

Here’s how you play:

  1. Print out your favorite picture from Jónsi & Alex’s coloring book (you can download the book here to the right).
  2. Color in the picture with whatever coloring tools you like (physically or digitally). Feel free to color outside the lines – originality and imagination is encouraged.

Submissions are no longer being accepted (After october 15th). The winners will be announced on this site shortly. Submissions will be posted on this page when the competition is over.

Good luck and have fun. We’re excited to see what you come up with!

Coloring Book

Coloring book

A 40 page coloring book with original drawings by Jónsi & Alex. Go nuts!

» Web version
» Download printable PDF (6.1 mb)