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The Winner: Annika

The girl is crying because she lost her father. He went into the sun-fountain (the round structure in the lower middle) and is now at “another place”. In the spiral above the dog’s head there is an egg which the sun-child (the black figure below the girl) would like to get hold of. The blue figure above the dog is a ghost who makes the sun turn red. The ghost is the husband of “Polita” the red figure in the middle. The figure of Polita remains mysterious…

(Story told by Annika, aged 4, to her father)

Annika will receive:

  • ‘Riceboy Sleeps’ Special Edition Box, signed by J&A
  • Jónsi & Alex’s Coloring Book, signed by J&A, with one picture colored in by J&A
  • Jónsi & Alex tote bag and badge (new merchandise)
  • ‘Riceboy Sleeps’ poster, signed by J&A
  • ‘Rain Down My Favorite Songs’ mix cd by Jónsi & Alex, signed by J&A

We hope that Annika and her family enjoy all those goodies.

The Runners Up

Here are the five entrants whom Jónsi and Alex selected to be runners-up. They’ll each recieve a signed copy of ‘Rain Down My Favorite Songs’

Video submission

This submission was sent to us from Spain by Ventura Camacho, who asked his students of 3-12 years to color in Jónsi & Alex’s pictures. He put together this sweet photo collage of the results. Many thanks to Ventura and the kids for taking part!

All entries

Over the next few pages, we will show all the entrants of the competition – thanks to the hundreds of people who took the time to send in their drawings – they were all appreciated.

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